Lolly’s has been great for our family.
Our son comes home with a smile and is thrilled to tell us what he did in school—it’s always something fun and different! He has made some great friends as well.
We are really impressed by the loving atmosphere and great communication at Lolly’s.
Thank you!
— Stephanie, UPK Parent
We cannot say enough good things about Lolly’s. Not only do I feel like my kids are learning, but they have so much fun doing it! The whole team truly understands children, the importance of having fun and how to connect with each child individually. Cheers
— Nicole, Parent of UPK Graduate and Red Room Student
We are so pleased with Lolly’s Early Learning Center. Our son, Julian, enjoys going to Lolly’s every day and I have never felt so good about leaving him somewhere, as I do now. It is such a relief knowing that he is in great care and surrounded by adults that truly care about his well being. Julian has progressed tremendously since his first day at Lolly’s, and we are excited to see how much he excels in the rest of his time here.
— Sylvia, Red Room Parent
Our daughter started at Lolly’s at age 2, and has thrived with warm, caring, knowledgeable teachers and staff. We are so pleased with the skills she has developed in the areas of academics, social, and emotional functioning. We couldn’t ask for a better school!
— Scott, UPK Parent
We had been exceptionally particular in our search for a school for our daughter. When we found Lolly’s, we knew immediately that it was worth jumping right on the waiting list. As soon as she started there, we realized Lolly’s was everything we could want in a school and so much more! Not only does she look forward to going there and seeing all of her friends and teachers, but we do too! - Breanna Lisotto, Advocate for a Lolly’s K-12
— Breanna, Blue Room Parent
When you join Lolly’s, you’re not sending your child to an “institution,” but rather you’re joining an extended family where everyone knows your child’s name and will work really hard to accommodate to your child’s personal needs. There’s enormous flexibility and a deep desire to work alongside parents. The responsiveness to parent suggestions is outstanding! Parents help shape the school, and, as a result, the school is constantly improving its ability to meet each child’s needs.
— Dan, Red Room Parent
I love Lolly’s! Teachers do love and care about kids. I am happy with professional and reliable teachers.
— Sera, Red Room Parent
Lolly’s is a top day care center in LIC. The staff is super nice and friendly and works well with the kids according to their ages and interests as well as with parents. There is a healthy balance throughout the day of child self directed, structured and physical play. We love Lolly’s!
— Petra, Yellow Room Parent
Lolly’s is extremely well-run and two steps ahead of everything. The teachers and staff are enthusiastic, professional and committed. I love the structure and exposure to all kinds of arts and languages that my son receives at Lolly’s.
— Katherine, Red Room Parent
Lolly’s is a great school. Our son went through quite an adjustment period when he turned 3 and Ilana worked with us during this challenging period. It wasn’t easy, but we wouldn’t have been able to get through it w/o her support.
— Jennifer, UPK Parent
Our eldest daughter was one of Lolly’s first kids. We had such a wonderful experience with Ilana and her staff that we did not think twice about sending our son when he turned 2. Besides having great teachers and professional staff who really enjoy being with children, what I really like about Lolly’s is that they are continuously improving upon their program and their services. I love the monthly newsletters and regular reports the center provides to keep me up to date to with what my son is doing in his class, the “artworks” that he comes home with, the new songs he sings at home and the new words he’s speaking each day. This year’s first ever field trip to Queen’s County Farm was a fantastic addition that was meticulously planned and executed! The fact that my son runs into the classroom and his teachers with a huge smile and hug when I drop him off reassures he that he loves being there. I will not hesitate to recommend the center to any parents.
— Jessie, Parent of UPK Graduate and Yellow Room Student
We are so glad that our daughter has the chance to be part of this wonderful school !
She has already learned various things which are helping to develop her educational, personal and social skills. Great teachers, open doors, strict rules in a warm and friendly environment make a place where our daughter is happy to go to every morning !
— Cornelia, UPK Parent
As a family, we can not be happier with our children being at Lolly’s Early Learning Center. The staff and teachers have all been tremendous in their support of our children and extremely communicative with us. Both of our children, Olivia and Gabriel, have benefited greatly in their academic, social and emotional development in their time at Lolly’s. Olivia is a “graduate” but continues to talk about her time and remembers all of her teachers fondly. Gabriel is always excited to go to school and we are excited with his progress.
— Gibert and Bree, Parents of a UPK Graduate and Red Room Student
We couldn’t be happier with the school and the attention they pay to each and every kid.
— Andrea, UPK Parent
I have been at Lolly’s for nearly 4 years and can not imagine working anywhere else. The team here truly is my extended family. I wake up in the morning happy to go to work. I am one of the lucky few people who can honestly say that I love my job. Thank you to Ilana and the entire Lolly’s family for making this such a great place to work.
— Ms. Stephanie, UPK Teacher
I’ve been working at Lolly’s since it basically opened. I have never been so honored and happy to work in such a great environment. Everyone genuinely cares about one another and everyone enjoys working with children. We really are a big happy family.
— Mr. Ivan, Red Room Teacher
I can honestly say that I wake up every morning happy to go to work. The Lolly’s atmosphere is by far the easiest and most comfortable place to work. Not only do I have amazing coworkers that I share some amazing friendships with but also an employer that I am comfortable to talk to and trust. I love Lolly’s!
— Ms. Diamond, Blue Room Teacher
I have worked at Lolly’s since 2011. Working here has been one of the most amazing opportunities I have had. Lolly’s has become a second family as well as a place of constant growth and enjoyment. It has given me the opportunity to do what I love the most: Teach. Watching the children grow and learn is the most rewarding part of working here. I LOVE Lolly’s!
— Ms. Adriana, Yellow Room Teacher
As a mother of a Lolly’s graduate and employed music specialist, I have a very unique perspective of the type of care and programming at this center. First, Lolly’s provides outstanding care to every child. There is a loving relationship between classroom teachers and students which foster a sense of community and family. Children feel they belong, not only from their individual teachers, but all staff members. The “Open Door Policy” gave me the opportunity to communicate with teachers daily about my son’s academic and emotional development, as well as, feel a part of the Lolly’s Family. Second, children experience a variety of age appropriate activities allowing students the opportunity to discover their learning whether it be through music, art, dance, yoga, science, literacy, field trips, play time, etc. This child centered learning occurs in the daily routine set up by the classroom teachers. Finally, I couldn’t be happier with my son’s experience at Lolly’s. Not only was he well prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically, most importantly, he continued to learn to be a kind and caring person as he developed (hopefully) life-long friendships with other students. Lolly’s truly is a special place for my family.
— Ms. Katie, Parent of UPK Graduate and Specialty Music Teacher