Frequently Asked Questions


Questions Regarding The Facility

  • Could you please share your license/registration information? 

olly’s opened in April 2010, fully licensed through the New York City Department of Health. Article 47 is the law that governs daycare in NYC and we proudly adhere by all the guidelines set forth by the city. In September 2012, Lolly’s was awarded a Universal Pre-Kindergarten contract through the NYC Board of Education. Lastly, we are currently working towards accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our goal is to complete this sometime in 2014.

  • Does the center have an open door policy?

We have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit unannounced as often as they would like. We have cameras in all the rooms and parents are welcome to drop in and peek at the cameras or look inside the classroom. We also welcome parents to volunteer within the center or classrooms.

  • Can we add / remove authorized escorts?

All newly enrolled children have an emergency card on file. This card contains contact information for the child’s parents/guardians and any other emergency contacts. We also ask for the names of any and all authorized escorts. When picking a child up for the first time, authorized escorts will be asked for photo identification.

  • What are the center open hours?

The center is open from 8am-6pm. Our license prohibits us from having children onsite outside our hours of operation. Our teachers are welcome to babysit when Lolly’s is closed. These arrangements are typically made directly between the parent and teacher.

  • Does Lolly’s offer stroller storage?

For children who nap at the center (full day or extended full day programs) we offer stroller/ scooter storage.

  • What security measures are in place?

The center’s vestibule is always locked from the outside and parents/authorized escorts need to be buzzed in to enter the school. We have cameras in the vestibule and each classroom is equipped with a monitor which displays the vestibule. A voice alone will not grant any person access to the center. Typically, the front desk is manned for all open hours and the monitors in the classrooms are used as a precaution in the event that the Administrative Assistant is away from the desk for a moment. All outside visitors must be announced or scheduled. Any person who visits the center is given a “visitor tag” so staff and teachers know that this person has been approved to be in the center. Further, the front desk is equipped with a panic button that sends a signal to the local police department. Lolly’s is fully equipped with security cameras outside the premises and within all the classrooms. In order to protect the privacy of the children, these cameras are not accessible outside the center. Parents are welcome to view the footage (the cameras record for up to 3 months) or watch the live feed while in the center. Each teacher is given a copy of the Lolly’s Safety Manual which outlines the center Emergency and Evacuation Procedures. The center also practices monthly fire drills and lock down procedures in the event of an emergency. 


Questions Regarding The Day to Day

  • Does Lolly’s provide lunches and snack? Is there any additional cost?

We provide morning and afternoon snack as well as lunch for all full day and extended full day children. Children enrolled in the mini day program are served a snack during the 3-hour session. All snacks and meals are included in the tuition. We serve healthy, organic, gourmet items as often as possible. Snacks include fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, yogurt, applesauce, celery and carrot sticks, etc. Lunch items are provide by “Green Gourmets,” and delivered fresh daily to the center. “Green Gourmets” uses only organic and the most wholesome ingredients. Parents are supplied with a lunch menu at the beginning of the month. Parents are welcome to send in additional or supplemental items for snack or lunch. During the enrollment process we discuss any allergies or dietary restrictions and do all we can to provide alternatives or reasonable accommodations.

  • What specialties does Lolly's provide and is there any additional cost?

There is no additional cost for specialty classes. Specialties are provided Monday-Friday in the morning and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. Specialty teachers are typically hired from outside the center and come in with a specialized curriculum geared around a child friendly theme. This upcoming school year, Lolly’s is proud to offer specialty classes in the following areas: Music and Instruments, Music and Movement, Yoga/Dance, Drums, Greek, Spanish and Gym. A detailed specialty schedule is included in the pre-enrollment packet, outlining the days and times the specialty will be offered.

  • How do children nap?

The children rest on plush mats. Fitted crib sheets (provided by the parent) fit the rest mats perfectly. The length of naptime varies from class to class. More information is provided within the classroom’s daily schedule which is included in the pre-enrollment packet.

  • If a child is sick or the family is on vacation, are parents reimbursed for missed days?

We staff the center based on our rosters so we do not pro-rate for missed days. If your child attends on a partial week schedule (i.e. 2, 3 or 4 days per week) and misses a day, we do all we can to provide a make-up day. If you are going to miss an entire month, we charge half tuition to keep the child's placement in the program current. Typically parents try to schedule their vacations around the center's closed dates.

  • When is the center closed?

Lolly’s is closed for all federal holidays and there are 4 week-long recesses throughout the calendar year. All tuitions are based on 4 weeks of service and children always receive 4 full weeks of school despite any school recesses. A copy of the closings is included in the pre-enrollment packet.

  • Do the children go outside during the day?

Weather permitting the children go outside two times per day- in the morning and in the afternoon. Children go for walks around the neighborhood and visit the nearby parks. The children wear color coded t-shirts when leaving the school so they are easily identified by the teachers when walking/playing outside.

  • Does the school provide progress reports?

The teachers complete progress reports in October/ November and again in May/June. Parent- Teacher conferences are hosted at that time to discuss any areas of concern, growth and further development.

  • How is information shared with parents?

Parents are welcome to call the center to check in at any time. Parents also email throughout the day for updates. Each day, parents are furnished with a Daily Sheet at pick-up which details the child’s day and any relevant information (i.e. snacks/ lunch served, length of nap, diaper changes (if applicable). Additionally, parents are always welcome to set up a time to meet with the classroom teacher and director to discuss their child’s development or progress. On a monthly basis, parents are emailed the classroom newsletter and lunch menu. Additionally, the center will send out articles, neighborhood news/event information and other relevant material via email throughout the school year. 


Questions Regarding Registration

  • What types of programs are offered?

Lolly’s offers the following program options:

Full Day (9am-3:20pm)

Extended Full Day (8am-6pm)

Programs are offered 2,3,4 or 5 days per week and can be mixed and matched. Tuition is based on the child’s age and program option selected. A full tuition guide is included in the pre-enrollment packet.

  • How do I register my child?

During the tour, you will be furnished with a pre-enrollment form. In order to register, the first step is to submit the pre-registration form. Once received, the center will contact you regarding availability. The most important part of the pre-enrollment form is the space where you indicate when you would like the child to start and which program/ days you are looking for.

  • Is there a registration fee?

The pre-enrollment form is submitted with a $150 one-time registration fee. This is only deposited if we contact you and definitively place your child. If we offer you a spot and you are no longer interested in enrolling, the fee is not deposited and the check is either shredded or returned to you.

  • Is registration/enrollment rolling?

Registration/Enrollment is rolling and based on availability in the class.

  • Is there a waitlist?

We encourage families to submit the pre-enrollment form if interested in enrolling in the program. If there is a waitlist for the class/start date requested, families are given a realistic idea of where they stand on the list. We contact waitlisted families on a monthly basis to receive/give status updates.


Questions Regarding Staffing


  • What is the child-teacher ratio?

Yellow Room: Toddlers (2-3 years olds)

10-12 children, 3 teachers

Blue Room: Lower Pre-School (3-4 year olds)

15-17 children, 3 teachers

Red Room: Upper Pre-School (4-5 year olds)

15-17 children, 2 teachers


  • What are the credentials of the teachers?

All Head Teachers have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or are pursuing a Master’s Degree. All Assistant Teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or some related field. All teachers must have experience working with young children. At least one teacher in every room is CPR and First Aid trained for Infants, Toddlers and Children. Additionally, teachers are trained in various areas (i.e. Classroom Management, Promoting Literacy, etc.) throughout the school year. Additionally, all staff completes the NYC Mandated Child Abuse Training as well as a course in Identifying and Controlling Infectious Diseases.

  • How are the teachers/staff screened and are background checks performed?

For all eligible employees, references are contacted. All staff is screened in Albany for child abuse (as is everyone who lives in their household). Additionally, all staff are fingerprinted by the Department of Investigation for any criminal record/ background. We reserve the right to perform background checks on our employees and do so during the hiring process at our discretion. This is the only component that we don't mandate for all new employees.

  • How is discipline handled?

We talk to older children and do not believe in punishment or time outs. If a behavior is increasingly difficult, we hold a conference with parents to discuss details and action steps. We are of the opinion that the teachers need to create a classroom that is safe and fun for all children. Children really cannot do anything wrong or "bad," and our teachers are creative in their teaching in order to promote positive behaviors.

We look forward to an opportunity to showcase the center and answer any additional questions!