Lolly's strives to expand upon its' own foundational platform to help other centers establish long lasting success.  Lolly's is proud to have mentored the following schools and shaped the founding philosophies from which the centers were established.

In 2011, Ilana co-founded Brighter Babies Early Development Center.  Ilana was honored to serve as a mentor and share her experience, education and philosophies.  Most notably, Lolly's shared its' policies, procedures, vendors and specialty teachers, many of which are still part of the center today. 

 In 2014, Ilana worked closely alongside Jennifer Acker, the owner and Director of First Steps Early Childhood, located in central New Jersey.  Ilana was again proud to share her experience, knowledge and her center's guiding policies with Jennifer.  It is an honor to see many of the ideas and conversations they shared come to life in this amazing pre-school program. 

 Additionally, over the years, Ilana has served as a professional mentor to many of the teachers who have worked at her centers.  Ilana loves being a mentor to her teaching staff but maintains that she learns far more from them than they could possibly learn from her.

 If you are interested in learning how Lolly's can help bring your preschool to the next level, please email Whether you are just starting out, looking to boost enrollment or simply investigating ways to enhance the quality of your program, allow Ilana and the Lolly's mentorship program to guide you!