3-4 year olds: Lower + Upper Preschool

Extended Full Day (8:00 AM - 6:00PM), Full Day (9:00 AM - 3:20PM).
All options available 2-5 days per week.

Our Lower and Upper Preschool classes continue to incorporate the nurturing aspect of the Toddler Class but extend their curricula to include activities which work to broaden children’s vocabulary, skills and give them a strong foundation from which to further develop their unique personalities. 3 year olds are in the “adolescent” stage of Early Childhood – not babies anymore but not “big kids” yet. Children in this age range learn best when they are given multiple outlets to explore math, science and literacy.

The more choices for this age group the better, all coming together to enhance social skills and embark upon academic skill building.

Teachers use a wide range of strategies, including both child-initiated learning and direct teaching. The learning environment of the Lower and Upper Preschool classrooms is fostered by first-hand experiences that invite children to investigate, represent and share. This age group is given a multitude of facets by which to continue building their academic, social and personal skills.