Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet many families and create long lasting relationships that have stretched far beyond a child's graduation from Lolly's.  Lolly's is more than just a childcare center. It is a warm and loving home away from home.  Many, many parents and teachers have said, "Lolly's is the best!" I am humbled, honored and grateful to have started such a remarkable preschool.  I appreciate every person who has helped and continues to help build the center.  Further, I am immensely proud of Lolly's for what it has offered so many families, children, teachers, neighborhood businesses, local elementary schools, various fundraising outlets, and other childcare centers.  Here is a snapshot of how Lolly's has grown over the years and the impact the center has had on the LIC community and beyond. 

Enjoy your virtual tour of Lolly's!

With much gratitude,